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My events at the heart of the business, all year round!
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make it happen
The only white-label B2B marketplace that connects brands and buyers of the world by placing the human being at the center of the experience.


the online with
the offline

An easy-to-use e-commerce platform, to order,
exchange and discover.

An ultra complete tool designed for and with
industry players, to ensure the continuity of your physical event on the digital.



A B2B marketplace that is immediately operational,
tailor-made for physical events.

Turnkey ultra-technology, coupled with year-round customer service.
Events United, the specialist that takes care of everything for you!

A platform that looks like me!


For event organisers

Enhance the physical meeting experience
by offering your brands one of the best
platforms in the world, your own!

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For vendors

Boost one's visibility and business
with the only B2B e-commerce platform designed by event organisers and fashion and lifestyle professionals.

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For buyers

Direct access to selected brands in a privileged environment for inspiration and ordering.

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A super user-friendly augmented trade show experience.
My team loves our new online showroom!

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